Zerba II : Free Essential Presets

This is my Essential Pack for Zebra2.

Zebra2 Essential Presets is a pack I recommend for anyone that is familiar with the wonderful Zebra2 Synthetizer from U-He.

The idea behind the essential pack is to give you something that I found was always missing in the more commplexe packs : A solid and simple base to start tweaking your own sounds.

No ultra complexe presets in here. Instead you get a list of very useful sound presets to start to dive in Zebra2.

I use my Essential Pack all the time as a foundation when it comes to make more complexe sounds and it saves me a lot of time, whenever I need a quick round bass, keyboard synth, pad, white noise raise or fall etc…

If you are new to Zebra2, it is also a great way to learn how some basic sounds are made. Those sounds are ready to use in their raw form, or ready to be taken to the next level by tweaking them to your own likings.

Content :

  • Installation instructions and tips.
  • 50 presets carefully crafted and named for easy access.

Requirement :

  • Zebra2.8 or later (Mac or PC)