Home Jammin – Episode One

Home Jammin Alexander Weidner

Home Jammin – Episode One : Fun with the Bass

Upon request from my Jammr friends (a fun little software where you can find me sometimes at night jammin with strangers from all around the planet), I have finally made a video showing some of my technique to play the Bass on my midi keyboard.

My approach of playing the bass on the keys is basically to try to think like a bassist. I mostly play notes that are closed to eachother and add some quick octave notes here and there while trying to be as precise as I can. I also use the pitch bend and modulation for the vibrato quite a bit. I have played the bass for several years when I was younger; this helps as well! Oh and don’t forget, always tune your bass before you start playing on your keys.

Home Jammin — Fun with the Bass is the first episode and video of my new Youtube Channel. I’m planning to make more videos like that where I show how I approach various instruments with just a midi keyboard.

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