Home Jammin – Episode Two

alexander weidner home jammin

Home Jammin – Episode One : Fun with the Drums [Funky Beat]

Upon request from my Jammr friends (a fun little software where you can find me sometimes at night jammin with strangers from all around the planet), I have started to make a serie of short videos where I demonstrate how I emulate various instruments on a midi keyboard. Episode 2 is focusing on acoustic jazzy funky drums.

I’ve had a very nice drum kit in my childhood. Unfortunatelly, it burnt with my parents house in 2001. After that tragic event, I was given the choice to decide what I’d like to remplace with the insurance money. The choice went for a computer and a midi keyboard ! I suppose having played the drums when I was younger gives me a little advantage. Naturally, nothing remplaces a real drummer especially when you’re trying to emulate an acoustic drummer. This is a fun and useful skill when I work on a short deadline and budget.

Home Jammin — Fun with the Drums is the second episode and video of my new Youtube Channel. I’m planning to make more videos like that where I show how I approach various instruments with just a midi keyboard.

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