Music Composition @ French Festival


When Azai’s Lab asked me if they could use my musics for their video mapping, it was with pleasure that I accepted. Those guys are really talented and do amazing visual art and videos !

You can check the full article in French here.

Here is a rought translation from google that I improved a little bit :

Mapping XXL: from flight to planing reflection

For ten days the Compli’Cité Festival was displayed on the facade of the Triangle. In images, in music but especially in XXL version. From 5 p.m. this Sunday, February 2, and for the last time, the video mapping of the company Azaïs Lab will light up the heart of Huningue.

It was one of the creations of this 8 th  edition of the Festival Compli’Cité. Today, at nightfall, the video mapping of the company Azaïs Lab will return in loops, from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. Its creators, Joan Puyraymond and Pierre Gouéset, designed it around the theme of flight. Or rather around what “can prevent takeoff”, explains the first. In the Galerie du Triangle, the artist, painter and watercolorist, Huguette Golly-Starck, posed her birds in a setting of branches. As a gentle reminder of the disappearance phenomenon that threatens species today.

“We immediately hooked on the design of his music.”

Darling freedom

However, outside the site, Azaïs Lab’s work on a more abstract dimension linked in particular to individual freedom. “We have chosen to be evasive and above all not moralistic through a video mapping proposal that invites us to escape everyday life”, explain the two artists. The idea is that at some point, you have to consider taking the plunge, “with all the hesitation that this implies,” says Pierre. Take flight and tell yourself that beyond that, nothing will prevent you from going towards your passions. And accomplish them. But Joan also benefited from her own experience as a young father by evoking the transmission: “Between a father and his six-month-old son, mine. “They evoke the African griots but, in fact, it is the boil of his toddler who appears on the great wall of the Triangle …

During their work, the two friends agreed that music on their images “would give rhythm in addition to emotion”. The compositions of a third thief, Alexander Weidner, enriched the project: “We immediately hooked on the design of his music.” From this beautiful meeting was born this creation still visible this evening. Because tomorrow, the two artists will leave for Drôme. From the facade of the Triangle they may then descend into a cave as they project it. To make the light move in their own way, “without fireworks or gunpowder”.