For my first solo album, “Peace Invader,” I drew inspiration from my passion for visual storytelling and exploring new sounds and musical genres. I wanted to create an otherworldly journey that takes the listener on a sonic adventure. With elements of downtempo, funk, chill, electronic, psychedelic, and a spacey atmosphere, Peace Invader is a captivating album that suggests to the listener to create his own story.

Genre : Electronic – Downtempo – Chill – Jazz – Psychedelic – Alternative

The concept behind Peace Invader begins with an alien crashing on earth and starting to play its strange yet relatable music. The result is a unique and personal sound that I’m proud to have produced entirely in my own studio based in France. I used samples recorded by myself in various locations (France & Philippines), which helped me create a consistent mood and atmosphere for this album.

Track listingpeace invader
1 – Peace Invader : 4’53 | intro track where a spaceship crashes on earth and the alien(s) start playing music!
2 – Division From Tulia : 4’18 | a groovy tune with an unusual rhythm where bars are divided in odd numbers.
3 – Humanizer Blender : 4’15 | A mix of lofi nostalgic atmospheres and uplifting groove.
4 – Lost Province Of Zexade : 5’56 | A typical Alien Groove from another planet.
5 – Space Valse Modulation : 4’15 | A soundtrack in 3 steps just like a valse, but much stranger.
6 – Weevil’s Weather : 4’37 | Downtempo vibe with a jazzy space feeling.

This Album is available for download on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music.